We love our artists, and we know you will love them too! Each one is a fantastic artist, unique personality, and a fun entertainer! Above all else, they are here for you and aim to inspire your creative side.

Meet Hue’s incredible artistic team….



Hue’s Master Artist BJ is a painter who typically works in the abstract and landscape genres, often combining the two styles. Regardless of the subjects presented on the canvas, BJ’s main focus is always color.

Having grown up in Pittsburgh, PA alongside the steel mills and railroad tracks, her childhood was filled with grey, grimy days. To experience any kind of brightness, she had to create it herself. Over the years, BJ has formed her own unique style of art based on her use of self-proclaimed “Bubblegum Pop Colors”. Not for the faint of heart, she brings bold bright hues to the forefront of every painting.

These days, you can find BJ in her home studio in Sacramento, CA, working diligently to bring a little extra color into a black and white world. She strongly believes that everyone deserves beautiful art in their homes, and is extremely excited to bring her social art skills to Hue Paint & Sip Studio. Remember, there is an artist hiding within each of us, we just have to set that artist free!

At Hue Paint & Sip Studio, you are sure to have a blast creating your very own masterpiece!

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Lindsay Parkinson is an Artist, Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Her work is dedicated to the process of joy and play, creating and healing. Lindsay graduated with her MA in Art Therapy from Notre Dame de Namur University with a new skillset, not only in the arts but in the art of “letting go”. What other perfect way to “let go” is with a glass of wine in one hand and a paint brush in the other?

As an Artist she used to always focus on the outcome, end product, perfection. In becoming an Art Therapist, she found a journey towards healing – through process and spontaneity. She began to learn how to play with brush & stroke together, like a dance (which she also loves to do in her spare time)!

Art can provide an avenue for curiosity and growth, even open doors. Lindsay is able to use her combined paths of Artist and Art Therapist to instruct a balanced night of fun and risk taking, using the art of creativity. Are you ready to explore with Lindsay at Hue for your next artistic adventure?

Check out Lindsay’s artwork, previously displayed at Luna’s Cafe in downtown Sacramento.

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Miranda Trusty is inspired by materials and motifs found in nature that are not traditionally associated with fine art. Be it mold, fungus or decomposing wood, Trusty finds beauty in the cringeworthy and transposes this found imagery into her abstract oil paintings. The artist is most recently known for her series of small works depicting a variety of intricate fungus and bacteria growing in petri dishes.

Originally from Georgia where she completed her degree in painting at Savannah College of Art and Design, Trusty now resides in the Sacramento Valley with her husband, Nate. To satisfy her passion for creativity, the artist works at Hue Paint & Sip Studio as a Social Art Instructor in addition to planning and producing local events.

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Carrie is a professional artist and recently retired art teacher with over 20 years of experience in teaching students of all ages. Her compassionate and engaging style has garnered her recognition in her field as an educator including her nomination for arts educator of the year by Sacramento Business in the Arts and her popular private classes in painting and printmaking.

Carrie’s art is inspired by nature and its seasonal rhythms. Her colorful work has been exhibited in gallery shows and as part of private collections. When she is not making art she enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband, dog, and granddaughters. She is proud to be a part of the Hue team where she can foster and share her passion for art in a fun and supportive atmosphere!

To learn more about Carrie check out her website.