We love our team of Social Art Instructors and we know you will love them too! Each of them love teaching art, have unique personalities, and love seeing guest showcase their creativity while having fun! Above all else, they are here for you and aim to inspire you throughout your art experience with Hue!

Meet Hue’s incredible artistic team….

Jackie Art1.png


As the owner and operator of Hue Paint Studio, Jackie is truly fascinated by art’s history and artist, and has a genuine love of art and people. Her vision to create an atmosphere where guest painters can take time for themselves by Relaxing, Painting, Socializing & Having Fun, has manifested in her dynamic team of Social Art Instructors and Artist Assistants. Jackie says that “just being able to reach a vast audience of adults, children, and seniors, has made it all worth-while to watch them experience art in a social atmosphere. Wellness and Mindfulness are key in this industry.” Hue has gained notoriety in the paint and sip industry by offering quality artwork and materials, an experienced team, and excellent customer service! Everyone is an artist when they experience a social art event hosted by Hue!

One of Jackie’s favorite art quotes is: “Every artist was first an amateur” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Miranda Williamson.jpg


Miranda Trusty is inspired by materials and motifs found in nature that are not traditionally associated with fine art. Be it mold, fungus or decomposing wood, she finds beauty in the cringeworthy and transposes this found imagery into her abstract oil paintings. Miranda is most recently known for her series of small works depicting a variety of intricate fungus and bacteria growing in petri dishes.

Originally from Georgia where she completed her degree in painting at Savannah College of Art and Design, Miranda now resides in the Sacramento Valley with her husband, Nate. To satisfy her passion for creativity, Miranda teaches with Hue Paint Studio as a Social Art Instructor, in addition to planning and producing local events. To learn more about Miranda, visit here!

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Sherrae Pix.png

Rae Vea

Rae Vea has been one of Hue’s original team members since June 2018. Rae has gained recognition in her ability and skill in art creativity and social skills! Our customers love Rae and we are excited she has promoted to our team of Social Art Instructors!

Rae is a ‘natural’ people person and guests are sure to have a blast painting with her while creating their own masterpieces and making memories!

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